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Tokyo Nights

January 17th, 2011 smmerc12

Tokyo, nigh uncontested, contains some of the world’s best nightlife: clubs, karaoke, izakaya (bars), illuminations and, of course, everywhere you go there are tons and tons of people. Friday and Saturday nights in Shibuya are crazy, rife with all kinds meeting by the Hachiko statue to meet up for a good time. This weekend, I could definitely say I had too much fun.

Friday night, one of my friends rented out an izakaya in Shinjuku for his birthday. For a reasonable flat fare, we all got nomihoudai (all you can drink) for three hours, with the typical izakaya food: shrimp chips, salad, fries, and takoyaki (batter fried squid). Around 11:30 or so, there is a decision that must be made, since the trains stop at 12am.

All nighter, or no all nighter? That is the question.

Some people went clubbing, but Friday was not an all nighter for me, because I dearly needed the sleep. And I had Aikido practice in the morning.

Saturday, however, was another story. A few friends and I had a girls night out, opting for an all night karaoke session. It’s actually reasonably priced for such a long period of time: 12am-5am 1700 yen (Maybe 20 US dollars).

The next day I had a SISEC activity: picture scavenger hunt. We went around Tokyo taking pictures with various things that a tourist might be looking for. Examples: cosplayers, weird burgers at McDonalds, Shrines, Policemen…etc. We had one task to get a hug from a stranger. Fortunately, on the Harajuku bridge, we ran into a line of people offering free hugs.

I hugged them all! =D Though, the last guy went a little crazy, picked me up and swung me around. That was mildly frightening.

And now I return to the reality of schoolwork. Fortunately, Okinawa awaits me this weekend.

Ja, matta!

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