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When disaster struck…

March 13th, 2011 smmerc12

I was in my bed at home when disaster struck. By home, I mean America. My plane was supposed to fly out from Logan Airport at 6am that morning. I was packed and ready to go.

A text message woke up my fitful sleep (who can sleep well when they know they’ll be on a long, long journey the next morning) saying that disaster had struck Japan. Around four in the morning, I opened my laptop and stared dumbstruck at the headlines. 8.9 magnetite quake hits Japan, accompanied by massive tsunami that extinguished hundreds of lives and took out tens of thousands homes. Thousands of people remain missing and presumed dead. The threat of nuclear meltdown is imminent.

As I continued to stare in horror at the news, my father immediately changed my flight to the 24th. I’ve been watching the news, and facebook, anxiously for news of my friends. Fortunately, they all seem to be accounted for.

This catastrophe is still too much for me to think about rationally. More from me later. In the meantime, anyone who is interested in helping out can donate here:

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