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You’ll never guess…

February 24th, 2011 smmerc12

Where am I now?

I am at the Holy Cross Library! For the last two weeks, I’ve been sitting at home, eating, spending time with family, eating and experiencing America again. Which means eating. Japan almost feels like a dream, except for the fact that I’ll be on a plane 16 hours next week to return there.

My way home had been rather turbulent, to say the least. From my dormitory, the airport takes three hours to reach by train. Upon my arrival, I found out that my flight was delayed another eight hours. I very quickly exhausted things to do. When I finally got on the plane, I rode for 12 hours to Chicago and another 2 back home.

And the first words I heard from my grandparents were: “Do you have a Chinese boyfriend?” I laughed (because I’m in Japan, not China) and my grandmother cooked me a giant lasagna. All is well with the world.

I love having my adventures in Japan, but sometimes it’s great to be home.

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