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Where to go from here?

April 1st, 2011 smmerc12

Because of the disaster, I’ve had to make many decisions about what I will do for the semester. It was too late to go back to Holy Cross, but since I have enough credits to skip a semester, I am doing so. I got my old job back and things are returning to normal here. I continue to watch the news, and facebook, for updates on the situation in Japan.

Holy Cross has reimbursed me next semester’s tuition, and promises that housing will come. They also made a few allowances, letting me apply to the Rome Maymester program late. Fortunately, I was accepted and will be going to Italy on May 22nd. The program looks incredible…now I just have to relearn four years of high school italian.

As for my things, I have made arrangements with my friends to bring back the things that are more important to me: jewelry, certain books, mementos and such. I am so lucky that I have people willing to do this for me.

Though I have great things ahead of me, I am still sad for what has been lost. A large part of me wishes I was still over there, and able to help. I know this is not realistic. All I can do is my best from over here in Boston. If I manage to get the fundraiser I’m planning together, I will tell you all about it.

For those of you thinking about studying abroad, it may sound cheesy, but Holy Cross has got your back even in the worst of times. Don’t let anything stop you from going where you want to go. Despite what has happened, I would not trade my experiences in Japan for anything in the world.

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