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Where is the time going?

December 15th, 2010 smmerc12

-So, somehow, without my knowledge, Christmas break starts next week. Unfortunately, I am no longer going to Hokkaido; group consensus moved our trip to Kansai! When it comes to traveling, there really are no bad options. There is so much to do! In Kansai, there is one of the biggest cities in Japan, Osaka, as well as Nara (the first capital of Japan) and Kobe (MEAT). We will probably also spend a day or so in Kyoto, as it is also in Kansai. Though I’ve already been, I would love to go back.

We’ve booked our stay in a hostel for the first five nights, and for the last, a capsule hotel. A capsule hotel is exactly what it sounds like:

-In January, I get to go to Okinawa for a long weekend!!! SO EXCITING! The have stunning beaches, a culture like nowhere else and best of all…it’s a tropical island. You really can’t beat that. 🙂

-In February, I am going to Nikko with SISEC! It has been described to me as “The Monkey Onsen.” We will see how that turns out. (P.S. An onsen is a hot spring [ Later in February, I am also cheating and going home for three weeks or so to check up on my family. They just miss me too much. 😉

Though I really shouldn’t be thinking about all of these vacations when I have so much to do for the five remaining days left of school before break. Ganbarimasu! [I will do my best]

Ja matta,


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